Microsoft bakes the best of Wunderlist into new To Do app

Microsoft’s fancy new To Do app has arrived and is available now across all platforms. The big overhaul brings the best of Wunderlist and combines it with an improved design.

You’ll find more customization options, like the ability to set different backgrounds for each of your lists, and a new dark mode.

Microsoft has been hard at work on a major To Do overhaul since it acquired Wunderlist in 2015. And this week’s update does not disappoint. Every aspect of the app is better than it was before.

To Do replaces To-Do

Perhaps the first change you’ll notice is the name change. What was To-Do is now simply To Do, and there are much bigger changes to discover on the inside — starting with a brand new design.

The design takes what users liked about Wunderlist, such as customizable backgrounds, and combines it with a clean and clear interface that makes managing your task list easy.

You’ll see a title at the top of each page, with entries for all your tasks stacked up nearly underneath. In addition to selecting a background for each list, you can choose text and accent colors.

You’ll find a dark mode on Android, Windows, and Mac — and iOS users will get the same with iOS 13 goes public later this month.

Switching is simple

Smart lists and the ability to assign tasks in a shared list are also baked-in, and there’s a brand new “My Day” feature that helps you plan the day ahead.

My Day is a list of generated suggestions that includes all the things you need to accomplish each day. And it refreshes every day, so it’s always up to date.

Microsoft hopes the changes will encourage Wunderlist fans to switch, and it is keen to point out that migrating to To Do is easy. Simply sign into your Microsoft account and import your tasks.

What now for Wunderlist?

To Do’s introduction comes days after Wunderlist founder Christian Reber offered to buy back the app. Reber wants to keep it alive for long-time Wunderlist fans who have no interest in switching.

We don’t know whether Microsoft would consider selling the Wunderlist name, but it doesn’t really make sense to sell the app now. To Do is so similar that Wunderlist would basically be a clone.

But as long as Wunderlist remains a Microsoft app, it’s only a matter of time before it is discontinued. Microsoft is yet to announce a date for that, but it will happen eventually.