Fortnite’s floating island returns with new Zapper Trap

Fortnite’s floating island has returned to Battle Royale — and this time the Motel is right on top of it.

This week’s content update also brings the brand new Zapper Trap. The throwable consumable shocks opponents on either side of a wall, making it an ideal counter to turtling.

Season 10 has brought a host of changes to the Fortnite map, with classic locations returning nearly every week. The game’s latest update brings us two for the price of one.

The floating island is back — and the old Motel has come with it.

Fortnite 4.20 content update changes

The floating island is slowly making its way around the Battle Royale map, so you won’t always find it in the same spot. But it will always have the Motel on top of it.

The island is separated from the land below — just like before — but getting to the top is easy thanks to its low-gravity vortex.

Zapper Trap is a shocker

The other big addition this week is the Zapper Trap. It’s a throwable item that places two zappers either side of a wall. Opponents who get too close are shocked.

The Zapper deals 50 damage and has a one-second deploy time after being placed. It’s an epic item that can be found in chests, vending machines, supply drops, llamas, and on the floor.

You’ll find the Zapper in stacks of two, and you can carry up to four in one inventory slot.

Drop in today

The 4.20 content update is available now across all platforms — including iOS. No download or downtime is required, so you can jump in right away.