Waze embraces YouTube Music for a happier commute

The latest move by the Waze navigation app to make driving a little more fun involves built-in controls for YouTube Music. This allows drivers to make changes to the music streaming through their iPhone or Android without leaving the Waze app.

“All of the albums, playlists, personalized mixes, and more that fans love to listen to are now available with a couple of quick taps as they navigate to where they need to go,” said Lawrence Kennedy, YouTube Music’s Product Manager. “With YouTube Music and Waze together in one experience, there has never been a more entertaining way to get around.”

This feature is open to YouTube Premium and Music Premium subscribers. First, install the YouTube Music app for Android or iOS on the handset. Then, open the Waze app and tap the on-screen music note icon.

Many music options for Waze fans

It’s no surprise Waze and YouTube’s streaming music service are cooperating — both are owned by Google. But Waze is open to a wide variety of other streaming services, too. Drivers can control Spotify, Pandora, Audiobooks.com, Scribbd, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, Deezer and others without switching away from this navigation software.

Notably absent from the iPhone version is Apple Music, which is odd as Google Maps has similar built-in audio controls and they support only Apple Music and Spotify.

Source: YouTube Official Blog