Fortnite’s new Junk Rift lets you drop dinosaurs on enemies

Fortnite Battle Royale players now have a new way to combat frustrating B.R.U.T.E. mechs. A new Junk Rift item lets you drop cars, anchors, and other heavy items on your opponents.

The version 10.10 content update, out today, also brings glitched consumables. But it’s bad news for fans of the soccer stadium.

Images of the new Junk Rift item leaked out earlier this season, but we had no idea what it might do once added to Battle Royale. Now we know — and it looks … interesting.

Make way for the Junk Rift

The Junk Rift is a throwable item that breaks on contact and spawns a rift in the sky. A heavy object then falls through that rift, damaging players and destroying everything in its path.

Objects might include anchors, cars, dinosaurs, and more.

A direct hit from one of these objects will deal 200 damage to your opponents, while the shockwave it creates will deal 100 damage. It’s pretty powerful, then — but that’s not the best bit.

Items dropped by the Junk Rift cut through structures like butter and immediately destroy any vehicle. That includes the overpowered and unanimously hated B.R.U.T.E. mech.

The Junk Rift is an epic item found in chests, supply drops, llamas, and on the floor. It drops in stacks of two, and you can carry up to four in one inventory slot.

Consumables aren’t what they seem

Fans of the soccer stadium will be disappointed to find that it no longer exists in Battle Royale. A Rift Beacon malfunction caused the entire Rec Center to explode, leaving only a giant crater.

At the crater you’ll find new glitched consumables. You’ll have no idea what they are until you eat one, but they include apples, mushrooms, coconuts, peppers, hop rocks, and shadow stones.

That’s about it for this week’s content update. You can find the full release notes on the official Fortnite blog. We can look forward to further bug fixes and improvements in next week’s patch.