Verizon cuts the price of unlimited data plans

Verizon Wireless just did something telecoms almost never do: It lowered the cost of wireless service. This is part of the carrier’s renaming and changing of what it includes in all its unlimited plans.

First off, Verizon’s current Go, Above and Beyond plans will all be eliminated on Monday, August 5. Each is being replaced with slightly more affordable options.

Verizon Start, Play More, Do More and Get More

The new base plan is called Start. This costs $5 less than Go, and usage can be slowed (aka throttled) at any time based on network congestion. Streaming video is always reduced to 480p, and there’s no support for tethering — using your phone as a mobile hotspot. Start comes with a six-month Apple Music trial subscription.

Verizon’s Above plan is being split into two options: Play More and Do More. Each of these costs $80 a month, $5 less than the one they replace.

As its name suggests, Play More emphasizes fun. It allows 720p video streaming, and comes with an Apple Music subscription, not just a time-limited trial. This plan includes 25GB of guaranteed 4G speeds before throttling can kick in.

Do More offers 50 GB of guaranteed 4G data, and is focused more on work than play. Video is capped at 480P and there’s only a six-month trial of Apple Music

Both Play More and Do More include 15GB of mobile hotspot data. After that, speeds reduce to 600 Kbps.

Verizon’s Get More plan takes the place of the Beyond plan, but at $90 a month costs $5 less. It offers 75GB of guaranteed unthrottled data, 720p video and a full Apple Music subscription.

In addition, Get More and Do More come with 500GB of cloud storage, and a 50% discount on the cost of adding a tablet or portable Wi-Fi hotspot.

Still confused? Watch Verizon’s video describing each of its new offerings:

Go 5G

With Verizon building out its 5G network, subscribers have the option to add support for this faster network for $10 a month to any of these plans, even Start.

Of course, there isn’t a 5G iPhone available yet. That’s not expected until next year. In the meantime, the telecom sells a 5G mobile hotspot that Mac and iPad users can get today. Or there’s the special 5G version of the Samsung Galaxy S10 for $1,300.

Source: Verizon