Epic reveals exciting teasers for Fortnite season 10

Epic Games is rolling out brand new teaser images for Fortnite season 10 — and one of them is hugely exciting for long-time fans of the free-to-play battle royale game.

It looks like the new season, which kicks off in just a couple of days, will take us back in time with original locations like Dusty Divot finally making a comeback.

Fortnite’s much-loved Battle Royale mode has gone through significant changes over the past five or six seasons. We’ve seen countless new weapons introduced, and brand new locations.

It’s been fun, but for a while now, fans have been missing popular spots from earlier versions of the game. It looks like we’ll finally get some of them back on August 1.

‘Think back’

Areas like Dusty Depot, Greasy Grove, Moisty Mire, Wailing Woods, containers, factories, and the prison were all popular in previous seasons, but can no longer be found on the Fortnite map.

At least one of them — Dusty Depot — will be brought back in season 10, according to the teaser below from Epic, which encourages fans to “Think Back.”

Although it is the only location that’s all but confirmed at this point, it seems highly unlikely that Dusty will be the only one revived in the new season.

‘Look forward’

In Epic’s second teaser, which tells fans to “Look Forward,” we see a silhouette of a mysterious new robot, equipped with huge weapons.

Look closely and you’ll notice the mark on the left side of the image is that of “The Visitor” — an alien that crash-landed in Battle Royale when a massive meteor hit at the end of season three.

It was this meteor that destroyed Dusty Depot, so it looks like The Visitor’s storyline will continue and shape the events of season 10.

Season 10 launches August 1

Epic usually drops three teasers before the start of a new season, so we should see another one today that reveals a little more. But we won’t know much until season 10 makes its debut.

That happens on August 1, and you’ll be able to enjoy it across all platforms — including iOS.