Stranger Things skins finally arrive in Fortnite

The first official Stranger Things skins are finally available from Fortnite’s in-game item shop. Chief Hopper and a terrifying Demogorgon are currently on offer, along with a new weapon wrap. But we expect to see more soon.

It feels like we’ve been waiting a long, long time for the Fortnite x Stranger Things crossover.

Scoops Ahoy, the ice cream parlor from the third season of the show, was installed inside Fortnite’s Mega Mall months ago, while portals to the Upside Down started appearing earlier this week. Now the first Stranger Things skins are here.

But it seems like there’s still plenty to come yet.

Do damage as a Demogorgon in Battle Royale

The first skins available are Chief Hopper, priced at 1,500 V-Bucks, and a Demogorgon, priced at 1,200 V-Bucks — both of which leaked out early. There’s also a new “Vines” weapon wrap that will cost you 500 V-Bucks.

Most Stranger Things fans will be disappointed there aren’t more skins and items available — but we’re expecting more to appear over the coming days. It will be a huge surprise if we can’t play as Eleven, Will Byers, and the rest of the gang.

We’re also hoping to see some Stranger Things game modes. Other crossovers have brought game modes of their own to Fortnite, and we don’t see why this one would be any different.

Finally, we’re desperate to see more from those portals that recently appeared in Mega Mall. They will only transport you to other areas of the mall for now, and it would be a crime if they don’t take us to a virtual Upside Down later.

Stranger Things season 3 is streaming now

Stranger Things season three hit Netflix on Thursday, July 4. It’s not clear why the first Stranger Things skins didn’t hit Fortnite on the same day to celebrate, but we’re glad they’re finally here.

It’s worth remembering that Epic Games is temporarily out of action. All employees are enjoying a well-deserved, two-week vacation. It’s possible that we’ll see a lot more from the Stranger Things crossover when Epic is back in action next week.