Samsung may already be working on a second Galaxy Fold

Samsung is yet to iron out the teething troubles it has suffered with the Galaxy Fold. But that hasn’t stopped the South Korean company from diving head first into developing a sequel.

A new rumor claims Samsung’s second model will feature a larger screen and S Pen stylus. And it could arrive a lot sooner than fans anticipated.

We’re still waiting for an official update on the Fold. It was initially scheduled to make its debut in April, but Samsung was forced to recall all units and postpone the release so that it could fix some big design flaws.

Recent reports have suggested those issues are close to being fixed, while Samsung officials have twice promised that new release dates are imminent. Yet the Fold still isn’t here and fans can’t even place a preorder.

Samsung hasn’t indicated at any point that the Fold might be cancelled completely. But it is reportedly working on a second model that could arrive this year.

Samsung prepares Galaxy Fold 2

Korean news outlet The Elec claims the second-generation Fold will offer an 8-inch internal display with S Pen stylus support. The foldable screen on the first Fold measures in at 7.29 inches.

Sources familiar with the company’s plans expect the device to launch soon — either in late December or in early 2020. Samsung is said to have already asked major suppliers to prepare for manufacturing.

If these claims are accurate, it would give the Fold around six months on the market before it is replaced by a newer model. And that’s if the Fold launches soon; it could have an even smaller window if we’re left waiting longer.

Don’t get your hopes up

So, should you avoid the first Fold and wait for a new model?

We’re highly skeptical we’ll see a second-generation this year or in early 2020. But assuming Samsung can eliminate its design problems, a new model will arrive eventually.

And it’s probably best to wait. A first-generation product almost always comes with kinks that need to be ironed out. By the time the second Fold arrives, Samsung will have worked out the early issues and eliminated them.

No one wants to spend $2,000 on a smartphone that then gets replaced by a significantly better model — even if that replacement doesn’t come until 12 months later.

Via: PhoneArena