Uh-oh! Huawei delays its first foldable smartphone

If you’re itching to get your hands on a foldable phone and you thought choosing Huawei over Samsung would be a good idea following the Galaxy Fold’s delay, think again.

Huawei has confirmed that it, too, is delaying its first foldable handset. The Mate X is now pegged for a September debut so that extra tests can be carried out to avoid another Galaxy Fold fiasco.

We have flexible display technology now, but implementing it into a device that most people use extensively throughout the day is proving to be incredibly difficult for even the most experienced smartphone manufacturers.

Samsung obviously learned this the hard way.

Just days after the first Fold units were picked up by reviewers in April, it became apparent that it just wasn’t ready for primetime. All Fold units had to be recalled, and Samsung still hasn’t confirmed a new launch date.

The whole debacle has worried Huawei.

Huawei ‘cautious’ about Mate X

A Huawei spokesperson admitted to CNET that the company is being more “cautious” after Samsung’s problems with the Fold. “We don’t want to launch a product to destroy our reputation.”

The launch of the Mate X has been pushed back to September to prevent that from happening. Huawei says this will allow it more time to carry out additional testing and ensure the device is ready.

The Mate X was originally expected to launch in June after Huawei promised a mid-2019 debut.

Mate X will run Android

Huawei has also confirmed that the Mate X will run Android — despite the company being placed on a U.S. government blacklist that prevents it from working with the likes of Google and Microsoft.

The Mate X hasn’t been affected by the ban because it was announced before the crackdown on Chinese companies. But it could be Huawei’s last Android-powered phone.

Huawei is now working on its own operating systems for smartphones, laptops, and other devices. However, it maintains this is “plan B” and says it wants to continue using Android if possible.