Battle royale mode confirmed for Call of Duty: Mobile

A brand new battle royale mode has been confirmed for Call of Duty: Mobile.

It promises to be a “unique take on the genre,” custom-built just for mobile. It will feature signature Call of Duty gameplay and a massive map that includes iconic locations from the hit franchise. But it won’t be Blackout.

Call of Duty: Mobile’s battle royale mode is a standalone experience, Activision says. Some Blackout players may find familiarities, but it is ultimately brand new — and it sounds like a lot of fun.

What to expect from CoD: Mobile battle royale

Like most battle royale games, CoD’s will see up to 100 players fighting on a large-scale map. You’ll drop in with nothing, so you’ll need to find weapons and gear as quickly as possible if you want to survive.

You’ll be able to play on your own, in a duo, or in a four-person squad, and you’ll be able to revive fallen teammates by collecting their dog tags. There will be six classes to choose from, each with their own skills and abilities.

Familiar locations and more

There will be lots of new territory to explore in CoD’s battle royale mode, as well as more than a dozen locations from previous titles. That includes Modern Warfare, Modern Warfare 2, and Black Ops.

You’ll be able to navigate the map on foot, or by using one of four vehicles: the ATV with room for two people, an SUV with room for four, a light helicopter that will fly three, and a tactical raft.

Unique to CoD: Mobile is the ability to play in either first- or third-person perspectives. This will suite those familiar with the CoD franchise, as well as those who are used to playing titles like Fortnite and H1Z1.

Sign up for the beta

CoD: Mobile is set to make its debut later this year, but if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to try it early. A beta test just kicked off in India, and will soon expand to Australia. More territories will be added “in the coming months.”