Samsung is fixing the Galaxy Fold, could finally deliver in June

Samsung is said to be making a number of changes to the Galaxy Fold in an effort to fix its durability issues. The South Korean company could finally launch its first foldable phone next month.

Fans were hoping to get a new release date last week — at least for customers in the U.S. — but it never came.

The Galaxy Fold is one of the industry’s most exciting smartphones in years. It’s the first with a foldable screen that allows the compact handset to become a tablet. But it’s gotten off to a rocky start.

Soon after reviewers got their hands on early Fold units, it became apparent there was a big durability concern. A large number of devices ended up broken in just a couple of days.

But there’s hope yet for Samsung’s pricey new device.

Samsung hasn’t given up on Galaxy Fold

Despite threatening to cancel preorders and saying very little about the durability issues, Samsung hasn’t given up on the Fold. It previously told us it had “reviewed the defect,” and now it is working to fix it, according to a new report.

Sources for Korean outlet Yonhap News claim that Samsung is making a number of adjustments to the device to eliminate premature failures. These include reducing the size of its hinge so that the handset’s frame better protects it.

Samsung has also made efforts to prevent users from removing the Fold’s screen protector — which is an essential part of its construction. It has reportedly expanded that film and tucked it into the body of the device so that it can’t be peeled off.

Galaxy Fold could arrive next month

Assuming these alterations are a success, Samsung could finally deliver the Fold next month, the sources say. We still don’t have an exact release date — and none of this is official yet — but it’s promising news for those eagerly anticipating the device.

Via: TechRadar