Skype will let you share your screen on Android and iOS

Skype is bringing screen sharing to its official mobile apps for Android and iOS.

The feature is now being tested in the latest beta build if the app. It makes Skype one of the first major messaging platforms to support screen sharing.

There are lots of reasons why you might want to share your screen — or see someone else’s. It’s incredibly handy when you need to help a friend or family member diagnose an issue, or demonstrate how to use a certain app or feature.

Microsoft suggests you might use it to show a colleague a PowerPoint before a big presentation, or to swipe through Tinder with the help of a friend. But no matter what you want to use screen sharing for, Skype makes it simple.

Screen sharing with Skype

Until now, screen sharing has been mostly limited to enterprise apps while mainstream messaging clients have looked passed it. Microsoft is one of the first to recognize that the feature might be useful to almost anyone.

That’s why it is bringing screen sharing to its official Skype apps for Android and iOS.

You can try it out now by signing up to be a Skype Insider, which grants access to beta releases. It seems only the Android version has the feature right now, but Microsoft says iOS will see it, too.

When you share your screen with someone else, they will see everything you see on your iOS device. It’s just like screen sharing on a Mac or PC. And because it’s baked into Skype, you don’t need any special software or settings configurations to use it.

Simply tap on the options button during a Skype call and select Screen Sharing to get started.

Look out for screen sharing soon

It’s not yet clear when screen sharing will make its way to public Skype releases for Android and iOS. However, Microsoft is typically fast at bringing new features to its apps after they’ve entered beta testing.

Look out for future updates in the App Store and Google Play.