Nintendo RPG Dragalia Lost now available in new markets

Nintendo action RPG Dragalia Lost has finally expanded its reach to a bunch of new markets, including Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

The free-to-play game, which made its debut in the U.S. and other countries last September, is available on Android and iOS. Nintendo has published two new trailers to celebrate its wider rollout.

Dragalia Lost takes players on a journey to save the Kingdom of Alberia. You play as the royal prince of Alberia, who is accompanied by his friendly dragon Midgarsormr, and it’s up to you to fight off the evil forces corrupting the realm.

With a party you’ve built yourself, you’ll enjoy an expansive world and countless fast-paced RPG battles — as well as the ability to team up with friends online. And you get to do it all without paying a penny to play.

Dragalia Lost now available in 6 new markets

Dragalia Lost has already proven to be a big success on mobile. Estimates indicate it made $3.5 million during its first five days of availability, and $16 million during its first two weeks. And that was in just five markets.

Now the game is available in six more: Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. It’s still free to download and play, and though there are in-app purchases you might want to get your hands on, they’re entirely optional.

To celebrate Dragalia Lost’s expansion, Nintendo has published two new trailers for the game — above and below — and some free wallpapers for desktop and mobile devices. You can download them from here and here.

In addition to the six new markets, Dragalia Lost is available in the U.S., Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, and Taiwan. You can download it from the App Store and Google Play now.