iPhone XS Max destroys Pixel 3 XL in speed test

Google’s new Pixel 3 XL smartphone is supposed to be the company’s best challenger yet to the iPhone. But when it comes to speed, Google still can’t keep up.

YouTuber PhoneBuff put the two new smartphones through a real-world simulated speed test and found that the Google Pixel 3 has some serious shortcomings when it comes to performance. Despite boasting a spec sheet that looks nearly as good as the iPhone XS Max’s, the Pixel 3 XL came in more than a minute slower than the iPhone XS Max.

Watch Google’s new phone get dominated.

Google’s Pixel 3 is hardly the exception when it comes to Android phones losing to the iPhone XS in speed tests. The fastest Android smartphone available also got beat by the iPhone XS recently.

While the Pixel 3 XL lacks speed, it does pack an impressive camera designed to take on the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Google added new AI features that allow the camera to capture even better photos and select the top one.

It also boasts a Night Sight mode for improved shots in low-light situations. Plus, the Pixel 3 packs a Group Selfie feature that allows you to capture 184 percent more of the scene than an iPhone X selfie cam.

Pixel 3 launched on October 18 on Verizon. Prices start at $799 and can be purchased either through your carrier or the Google Store.