LG latest smartphone to one-up Apple on camera count

Korean electronic’s giant LG is teasing the rollout of a new smartphone with multiple cameras.

The LG V40 will feature three cameras on the back plus two front-facing cameras, joining Samsung and Huawei in what is shaping up to be a marketing war featuring the phone with the most cameras.

Smartphone makers in the coming year, including Apple in 2019, are expected to release models with three or more cameras. The array of lenses add different focal lengths, 3D mapping and bring more augmented reality experiences to our digital lives.

LG showed off a couple of images and scant details the LG V40 on its Korean website today ahead of an Oct. 3 formal announcement. LG did not share camera specs or price on its page.

LG V40: a well-timed announcement

There have been a number of leaked photos of smartphone prototypes and announcements seemly timed for Apple’s roll out the iPhone XS and XS Max, which has a stunning new camera system with two back-facing cameras.

Samsung earlier this month announced a new Samsung Galaxy A7 with three back cameras that will retail for about $400. Huawei was first to hit the market with a smartphone with three lenses when it began selling the P20 Pro this past summer.

Over the last few years, camera capabilities have been the big selling point for smartphones, especially the iPhone, which is arguably the world’s most popular camera. Competitors will be looking for any kind of edge, be it price or the number of lenses, to lure customers away from Apple.

Samsung will likely use an ad or two to poke fun at the iPhone for lagging behind with two cameras. Shortly after Apple’s fall product launch, Huawei used Twitter to mock Apple for “staying the same.”

Source: Mashable