Gmail might add a simple feature everybody wants

Gmail got a lot of awesome new features during its recent redesign, but there’s a big one that’s still missing. Email scheduling has never been an option for those who choose Google as their email provider — at least not without the help of a third-party service.

But that could soon change.

Email scheduling can be incredibly handy, particularly for professional users. It’s great when you have announcements or memos to share on a certain date, or if you need messages to arrive when you know you won’t be around to send them. Unfortunately, it’s not an option with Gmail.

There are some third-party services that give users this functionality, but Google doesn’t provide it by default. At least not yet.

Gmail app hints at scheduling feature

Google could be ready to change its mind. Code discovered in the Gmail app package for Android, which references a “schedule send” menu option, suggests that a native scheduling feature could be made available in a future update, reports¬†Android Police.

Because this is little more than a line of code, there’s no indication when the feature might be available, or even how far along in development it might be. But it’s certainly a promising sign, and if you’re a Gmail user who needs email scheduling, you have to be excited.

In the meantime, if you desperately need to schedule an email, you could try using the Google Sheets workaround¬†— or a third-party solution like Boomerang.