Future-proof your iPad keyboard case with ZAGG Nomad Book

The ZAGG Nomad Book is a keyboard case designed to fit around range of tablets 10.5 inches or smaller. That means it can be used with every iPad released for the past several years except the very largest.

ZAGG also just introduced the Messenger Folio. This has many of the benefits of the Nomad Book but was created specifically for the iPad Pro 10.5.

Nomad Book’s keyboard

This accessory does double duty: it functions as a protective case, and it turns the tablet into a clamshell laptop. Because it works with devices in a range of sizes, you can have some confidence that this keyboard case will also fit your next tablet.

Both iOS and Android tablets were designed from the beginning to work with Bluetooth keyboards. Adding one of these to your tablet jump starts its productivity, ending the need to type on the touchscreen.  

The ZAGG Nomad Book can be paired with two computers at the same time. The tap of a button switches from entering text on a tablet to entering it on a phone. 

Or two tablet users could share a keyboard. Especially as the keyboard can be detached but still communicate with a computer.

Nomad Book just in case

ZAGG’s Nomad Book is useful as more than an input device. The protective case includes a kickstand, allowing the iPad to be propped up at a range of angles.

An Apple Pencil holder is built in, as is a rechargeable battery good for two years of use.

It fits the 10.5-inch iPad Pro, 9.7-inch iPad Pro, 9.7-inch iPad (2017-18 models), iPad Air 2, and the original iPad Air.  It’s also compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 and the Galaxy Tab S2.

The ZAGG Nomad Book sells for $99.99. It’s available now on ZAGG’s website.

ZAGG Messenger Folio

The ZAGG Messenger Folio is a keyboard case that works only with the iPad Pro 10.5.

ZAGG Messenger Folio available too

The Messenger Folio is another keyboard case that just debuted. There are many similarities, but some differences between it and the Nomad Book.

The keyboard can’t be separated from the rest of the case. That’s also probably why it can pair with only one computer, the 10.5-inch iPad Pro.

As a bonus, it’s much cheaper. The ZAGG Messenger Folio is $59.99 on its manufacturer’s website.