Xiaomi smartphones will do battle with iPhone in the U.K.

Xiaomi has made a big name for itself in China by rolling out impressive devices with affordable price tags. Ripping off Apple’s most popular devices has helped, too.

Now the company is preparing to do battle with the iPhone in the United Kingdom.

Xiaomi smartphones were king in China just a few short years ago, but since being overtaken by Huawei in 2016, those handsets have been losing more and more of their market share. Xiaomi is now looking to boost sales by making its devices officially available overseas.

Xiaomi smartphones are invading the U.K.

Xiaomi devices can be purchased in unsupported markets through third-party retailers, but soon, customers in the U.K. will be able to purchase them officially. Xiaomi has partnered with local carrier Three, which will offer its smartphones on contract.

Three hints that other devices could be coming, too.

“We have been watching Xiaomi’s success from afar and impressed with the huge range of connected devices that they currently offer,” said Tom Malleschitz, chief digital officer at Three.

“This partnership provides us with another leading brand in our smartphone range and also opens the door for innovative new connected products that we can provide to Three customers in the future. So watch this space!”

Three has not confirmed which Xiaomi handsets it will be offering initially, or exactly when they’ll be available. You’ll have to keep an eye on the carrier’s website if you’re interested in picking up a steller smartphone at an even greater price.