Gmail’s big redesign is rolling out to all on the web

Gmail’s big redesign is now rolling out to everyone.

Web users can look forward to a fancy new look with features like Confidential Mode, Smart Replies, Snooze, and more. They finally make Gmail in your browser as good as Google’s mobile apps.

Google has invested a ton into making its Inbox and Gmail apps some of the prettiest and best email clients on mobile, while Gmail on the web has been left out in the cold. Now those “Material Design” visuals and innovative features are making their way to your browser.

Google overhauls Gmail

The new design brings Gmail’s browser interface in line with its mobile counterparts. It also adds a bunch of helpful new features, including Smart Replies that make dealing with busy inboxes quicker and easier, and a Snooze function that will remind you about important emails later.

Google has also added a Confidential Mode that lets you block the ability to forward or print certain emails, protect them with a passcode, and set them to expire after a certain time. This helps ensure the most sensitive conversations can’t make their way into the wrong hands.

“What we’ve seen, especially in business scenarios, is that lots of these leaks happen accidentally or near accidentally,” says Gmail product manager Jacob Baker. “They didn’t realize they weren’t supposed to forward the email, or they saw ‘Do not forward’ but they didn’t think it applied to them.”

That’s just not possible when you send an email in Confidential Mode.

Gmail works closer with Calendar, Tasks and more

Google has also added the ability to use other G Suite apps alongside Gmail. You can open Calendar, Tasks, and Keep inside your inbox, which makes it easier to manage your tasks, appointments, and notes while you’re dealing with your email.

Security improvements have also been made to help fight phishing and scams, and there’s a new offline mode that lets you read and reply to email while you’re on the go without a data connection.

You can start enjoying the new Gmail in your web browser today. If you don’t see it automatically, you may have to enable it manually by clicking the cog in the top-right corner, clicking Settings, then choosing Try the new Gmail.