Apple Music update fixes streaming issues on Android

Apple Music subscribers who use Android devices can now enjoy stable streaming. Apple’s latest update fixes the frustrating playback issues some users were facing on certain devices. It also adds the ability to listen to music videos in the background.

Android might be a rival platform, with a significantly larger market share than iOS, but Apple has been keen to make its music streaming service available to as many users as possible. It has supported Android from the very beginning, and it continues to do so almost three years on.

Apple Music updated on Android

The latest Apple Music update for Android makes streaming much more stable on devices that previously suffered stability issues. It also adds a feature coming to iOS 11.3 this spring — the ability to create music video playlists — and lets you enjoy music videos in the background.

Just like on iOS, Apple Music for Android supports offline music playback (you can even save tracks and playlists to an SD card), and the $14.99 a month family plan for up to six people. You get exactly the same catalog of music, and much the same experience.

You can download the latest version of Apple Music for Android from the Play Store now.