Avoid seasonal sniffles with pollen forecasts in Google search

Google just became an even more useful place for pollen allergy sufferers. You can now view a five-day pollen forecast right inside your search results when using a mobile device to find pollen or allergy information.

One in five Americans suffers from seasonal allergies, according to Google, and search interest in allergies tends to spike every year in April, May, and September. To make the information you’re looking for easier to find, Google has made some nice search improvements.

Now, whenever you search Google for pollen or allergy information on a mobile device, it will automatically display a five-day pollen forecast at the top of your search results. And to help you stay ahead, you can turn on updates about pollen changes.

Google is working with The Weather Channel to provide the most up-to-date and accurate information using its pollen index and forecast data. It will also include a helpful link beneath the pollen forecast that tells you more about seasonal allergies.

“With this pollen info, you can better understand and prepare your seasonal allergy symptoms,” Google says. “Stop sneezing and go out and enjoy those fall colors!”