Catch the latest Pokémon game on Android and iOS

The Pokémon Company just launched its latest game on Android and iOS, and it’s all about Magikarp.

Called Magikarp Jump, it sees you training a Magikarp to do about the only thing a Magikarp is good for: Jumping!

Can you get yours to jump the highest?

Long-time Pokémon players will be very familiar with Magikarp, which was part of the original 151 Pokémon species. Sadly, it wasn’t good for much when you first caught it, but it did evolve into the incredible Gyarados, making it a must-have.

In Magikarp Jump, you train a Magikarp to jump as high as possible by taking part in daily training sessions and feeding it when it’s hungry. You can then use it to compete against other trainers in a jumping league and progress through the game.

You will also have the opportunity to customize your hometown by purchasing items with the coins you earn in league battles.

Yes, it sounds simple, and it almost certainly won’t have the same kind of appeal as Pokémon GO. But if you’re a fan of the franchise — and the lovable Magikarp — then it’s a great little time-killer. It’s also completely free to download on Android and iOS.