Samsung starts testing self-driving cars on public streets

Apple’s not the only smartphone-maker with ambitions to take over the self-driving car market.

Samsung is the latest tech company to receive permission to test their self-driving vehicles on public roads, after the South Korean government granted the company approval to start hitting the streets this week.

South Korea’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport gave Samsung the thumbs-up on Monday. The permit comes just weeks after Apple received permission from the California DMV to test its cars on public roads. Apple’s self-driving Lexuses have already been spotted in the wild.

Samsung’s dive into self-driving cars isn’t all that surprising given the company’s wide range of products and love of copying Apple. By creating high-end sensors and AI-backed computer modules, Samsung plans to improve self-driving capabilities in challenging weather conditions.

Like Apple, Samsung is putting its tech on another car manufacturer’s vehicle. Samsung tapped Hyundai as its vehicles of choice.

Nearly 20 approvals to test self-driving cars have already been granted by the South Korean government. California issued permits to more than 30 companies. South Korea says it plans to ease regulations, like cutting the number of drivers required, in order to foster growth in the industry.