Flipboard’s Smart Magazines make your favorite topics easier to digest

Flipboard is rolling out a big update to its mobile apps today to introduce Smart Magazines, a new feature that puts the best stories from your favorite sources in one place.

Smart Magazines are tailored to your personal interests and completely customizable, so you get the content you’re most interested in more easily.

Flipboard now boasts a whopping 34,000 different topics and over 30 million magazines, making it a great place to discover the latest news no matter what you’re interested in. But all that content can be a bit overwhelming, according to CEO Mike McCue.

Smart Magazines was designed to “modernize the notion of magazines.” They help readers dive into the topics that are most important to them and focus only on the news that’s relevant.

“Where do I go if I just want to see photography stuff?” McCue told TechCrunch. “I might follow 50 different magazines and 12 different topics [that are related to photography], so how do I see it all together? There hasn’t been a good way to do that until now.”

To create a Smart Magazine, you simply use the Passion Picker to identify your favorite topics. You can then customize your magazine by specifying your favorite publications, YouTube channels, and Twitter accounts and hashtags.

Flipboard then pulls all of this together into one place, making it easier to find and digest. Over time, your Smart Magazine becomes smarter based on the stories you like and add and ends up being even more effective.

Smart Magazines ensure you aren’t bogged down by stories you’re not particularly interesting and ensures you don’t miss content that’s important to you. It’s “not just a random collection of stuff,” McCue said.

You can enjoy Smart Magazines inside Flipboard for Android and iOS today.