AOL’s new Alto Dashboard makes your email easier to manage

Don’t you just hate getting bombarded with emails? Our inboxes can be filled with junk every day, and half the time, you might not know what’s spam and what’s worth reading. Now there’s a new tool from AOL called Alto Dashboard that can help.

Alto Dashboard, which is integrated into the do-it-all Alto mail client, intelligently scans, analyzes, and restructures your emails to present you with the most valuable content right away. It then makes that content actionable so you can deal with email faster.

You probably have individual email addresses, maybe even dedicated clients, for work and personal use. You might also have another account you use to sign up to things that you know is always filled with spam, and you’re probably keen to keep these separate.

You might think doing this makes them all easier to manage, but Alto encourages you to bring them all together and digest your email in one bitesized chunk. The Alto Dashboard can then analyze it all, and present you with what’s most important at the right time.

[contextly_auto_sidebar] “Alto Dashboard surfaces the important information users need at the precise moment it’s needed, and presents that information as actionable “cards” which makes the information both easier to consume and easier to pull into other apps,” explains AOL.

Each card lets you deal with an email instantly, so you don’t have to worry about it later. For example, the card might let you call an Uber to arrange transport to the airport, map out a route on Waze, or share flight details with a friend.

Each card is created using special algorithms that identify a variety of factors, like calendar data, your location, shipping information, frequency of communication, and the relative “importance” of an email.

Alto Dashboard can also connect to your calendar and automatically create events to make managing your schedule easier.

If you haven’t already tried Alto, it’s a versatile app that provides everything you’d want from an email client, including quick swipe actions, the ability to snooze messages for later, all kinds of customization, and enhancements for iOS 10.

Alto supports all major mail providers, including Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, iCloud, Exchange, and of course, AOL. What’s more, it’s totally free to download and use on Android and iOS.