Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 battery problems just got more embarrassing

Samsung’s beleaguered Galaxy Note 7 has been hit with its latest embarrassing incident, after reports that its replacement batteries (you know, the one that don’t set fire to Jeeps) quickly overheat and lose battery power.

Is there anything this phone can get right?

For those who haven’t been following along, Samsung allegedly rushed development of its Note 7 in an attempt to gain a competitive edge against the iPhone 7, only to have to carry out an expensive recall after it turned out the phone batteries were prone to exploding.


For some reason, however, it seems that the replacement smartphones Samsung handed out — which feature non-removable batteries — are still riddled with problems. The complaints appear to have emanated from Samsung’s home turf of South Korea.

In a statement issued Sunday, Samsung said it is delaying the resumption of sales of its Galaxy Note 7 until October 1. But a company rep also claimed that the current issues are “isolated cases” and “completely unrelated to batteries.”

Still, you can’t blame consumers for being a bit worried, can you?

Source: Wall Street Journal