Take VR photos on iPhone with Google’s new Cardboard Camera app

Google has finally brought its popular Cardboard Camera app to iOS today, allowing iPhone and iPad users to take perfect VR photos and share them with friends.

Watch out Instagram. If Google has its way, 3D 360-degree photos are about to become the new selfie.

google cardboard for iOS

Taking a VR photo is as easy as shooting a panorama.

Instead of using an expensive photography rig with multiple cameras, Cardboard Camera taps into the power of your iPhone’s camera to take the VR photos. Capturing a 3D 360-degree photo is nearly the same as taking a panoramic photo on iOS, except you spin all the way around.

Once users have snapped a VR photo, it can then be uploaded to the Cardboard Camera app so others can view it. Pictures can be organized into albums. You can also generate a link to share albums and pictures via email or social media.

Google’s app helps you capture the moment by also recording sound while you’re taking a photo. To look around on the image all you have to do is scroll around using your finger, or hook your iPhone up to a Google Cardboard headset and you can look around virtually.