Google is developing a new operating system for everything

A brand new operating system with a colorful name is currently under development at Google, according to a new project page found on GitHub.

Google hasn’t officially acknowledged that it’s working on the project, but the new operating system could possibly replace Chrome OS and Android by being able to run on pretty much everything.

Google dubbed its new operating system “Fuchsia.” Unlike Android and Chrome, it doesn’t use the Linux kernel at all. The GitHub page discovered by AndroidPolice simply teases “Pink + Purple == Fuchsia (a new Operating System).”

Even though Fuchsia hasn’t been officially announced, Google employee Brian Swetland confirmed that the Android maker is behind it, saying “the decision was made to build it open source, so might as well start there from the beginning. Things will eventually be public, documented and announced, just not yet.”

For the user interface, Google is using Flutter along with Dart as the primary language. Renders are created with Escher for the visual effects with OpenGL.

Fuchsia is being developed with a brand new OS and kernel that will be optimized for embedded devices like car dashboards and GPS units, but also contain support for smartphones and PCs. Based on some early digging into the project, it looks like Material Design could also be included in some way.

Instead of completely replacing Chrome OS and Android, Google may use Fuchsia as a lightweight OS that could compete with the likes of ThreadX, FreeRTOS and Samsung’s Tizen.