Army special ops top brass is switching to iPhone

The U.S. Army Special Operations Command is planning to tell Android to stand down.

Charged with overseeing the Army’s elite special forces operations, the command is reportedly making a switch to iPhone because Android is unstable compared to iOS.

“The iPhone 6s will become the end-user device for the iPhone Tactical Assault Kit – special-operations-forces version Army’s Nett Warrior battlefield situational awareness tool,” claims DoDBuzz‘s sources at the Army.

Android’s problems are allegedly at their worst when command is viewing a live feed of unmanned aerial systems. “Android freezes up” and has to be restarted too often, according to the anonymous military source.

On the iPhone 6s, the experience is reportedly seamless. The iPhone is “faster; smoother,” the source said.

Running a split-screen view of the route of the drone and the UAS feed often causes Android smartphones to freeze up and fail to refresh. To fix it, the device has to be rebooted, wasting valuable time during an era when the U.S. military has become increasingly dependent on drone missions.

The Army hasn’t commented on the rumor that command of the special ops will switch to iPhone, but if they do, Apple’s device will be used to help leaders view intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance sensor feeds and much more.