‘Leaked’ Google smartwatches look absolutely boring

The design of Google’s first ever Nexus smartwatches may have just been revealed months ahead of their scheduled release thanks to a new leaked image that claims to show the company’s wearable.

Google is planning to take on the Apple Watch later this year with not one but two smartwatches powered by its new Assistant technology, but if this leak is the real deal, it doesn’t look like Apple has much to be worried about.

The first Google wearables look totally drab:

nexus-google-watchPhoto of two alleged Google Nexus smartwatches

The image above isn’t an interpretation based on leaked info, but is actually a recreation of an internal image from Google, according to the folks at Android Police which say they didn’t leak the original to protect their source’s anonymity.

Google codenamed the two devices as “Angelfish” and “Swordfish.” Both wearables will feature Google Assistant’s AI tech when they launch after the new Nexus phones later this year.

The larger of the two (Angelfish) will pack a few more features like heart rate monitor, GPS and LTE data that won’t be found on the smaller smartwatch. The clockface features an overwhelming amount of information thanks to Android Wear 2.0’s new customizable faces.

It’s unclear when Google plans to unveil the watches to the public. It will likely be after the company unveils the new Nexus phone it’s making itself which isn’t expected to be announced until the end of 2016.