Instagram Continues To Fix Bugs, Pushes Out Second Update To Android App

Whether or not you’re a fan of Instagram, there’s no denying its popularity. Its release on Android was quite the spectacle and although it’s been downloaded more than a million times, it hasn’t been without its problems. Thankfully the Instagram team has been hard at work ironing out all the bugs. In fact, their first update to the app came the very same day of the release. Now that’s a timely update. Here we are now on day 3 and Instagram has pushed out yet another update in order to take care of a few more issues users are experiencing with the app. This latest update takes care of:

  • Images being reported as too small
  • “File not found” when importing from gallery
  • Search fixes on HTC devices
  • Camera related crashes

The Instagram team is doing their best to ensure Android users have the best experience, so if you’re still having issues, we recommend sending them a bug report so they can check out the problem. They appear to be on top of things and rolling out quick updates, so hopefully users will get that “best app on Android” they were promised back at SXSW sometime soon. How’s your experience with Instagram been thus far?

To grab the latest version of Instagram for Android, simply follow the link below.

Google Play Store Link | Instagram