Facer’s fantastic watch face platform comes to Gear S2

Facer finally arrives on the Gear S2. Photo: Little Labs

Facer finally arrives on the Gear S2. Photo: Little Labs

Facer, the wonderful watch face platform from Little Labs that has become incredibly popular on Android Wear, is now available for the Samsung Gear S2.

It arrives with 22 faces that are compatible with the Gear S2’s Tizen OS, many of which are officially licensed by franchises like Ghostbusters, Garfield, American Dad, and Star Trek.

“Today’s Tizen launch makes most Facer the most accessible smartwatch customization platform with offerings on all major smartwatch devices,” boasts Little Labs. However, Facer on Tizen isn’t quite as flexible as it is on Android Wear.

Some of the features that make Facer so popular, like the ability to create new watch faces from scratch and customize the ones you’ve downloaded, aren’t yet available with the Gear S2 — and Little Labs hasn’t told us whether they’re coming, either.

For now, then, Facer is just a portal to some additional watch faces. But that’s not exactly a bad thing, because you can never have too many faces for your smartwatch — and Facer offers up some really nice ones.

Of the 22 available today, three are totally free to download, while the others cost around $0.99. To get your hands on them, search for “Facer by Little Labs” in the Galaxy Apps store.