Counter-Strike 1.6 gets ported to Android in all its glory

The memories! Screenshot: Valve

The memories! Screenshot: Valve

Counter-Strike 1.6, the game that redefined the multiplayer FPS genre, has been ported to Android in all its glory.

Players will find all the features they would expect to see if they loaded the game up on a PC, including online multiplayer with the ability to search and connect to servers.

Counter-Strike has been available on Android before, but this one’s different. It’s not a recreation, a remote play feed, or a clone — this is actual Counter-Strike 1.6 running on your Android, thanks to developer Alibek Omarov.

It uses touch controls by default, which obviously aren’t ideal for a precise first-person shooter like this one — but because you’re using Android, it’s not too difficult to hook up a controller of your choosing, or even a mouse and keyboard.

Bear in mind, however, that this is a beta version of the game, so you won’t see flawless gameplay just yet. As you’ll see in the demonstration video below, it becomes a little laggy after a while, but this will be fixed in due course.

You will need to have purchased Counter-Strike 1.6 through Steam for the files you’ll need to get this up and running, so don’t expect to get the game for free. Once you have that, you’ll find the other files you need and step-by-step installation instructions via the source link below.