Google now sells customized ‘Live Cases’ for your Nexus

What will yours look like? Photo: Google

What will yours look like? Photo: Google

Forget boring smartphone cases that look just like everyone else’s; Google’s new “Live Cases” for Nexus smartphones come with your favorite photo or place printed on the back, and a shortcut button to your most-used app.

Google’s Live Cases, which are available for Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, and Nexus 6, are designed by you. You can either upload a photo that you can’t get enough of, or choose a special place you never want to forget.

You can also add effects, like art stripes or two-tone overlays, and Google will print it into a snap-on case for $35. If you choose a place case, you’ll also get a live wallpaper for your home screen. But that’s not the best bit.

Each case also includes a programmable shortcut button baked into its back, which you can use to access apps. Just link it to your favorite or one you use frequently, like the Camera or Facebook Messenger, and you can open it from almost anywhere with just one tap.

You can order your Live Case today by following the source link below.