Samsung delivers Gear S2 adapter for standard watch straps

Samsung's standard Gear S2 smartwatch. Photo: Samsung

Samsung’s standard Gear S2 smartwatch. Photo: Samsung

Samsung is launching a new adapter for its Gear S2 smartwatch that allows you to pair it with standard watch straps. It’s already on sale in Germany, and it’s expected to reach the U.S. and other European markets imminently.

Unlike the more expensive Gear S2 Classic, Samsung standard Gear S2 uses a propriety strap connector. The benefit of this is it’s incredibly easy to swap straps; the downside is that there is a very small number of straps that support it.

Samsung is now solving that problem with a Gear S2 band adapter. It slips into that propriety port, adding lugs that allow you to connect standard watch straps using regular pins. It will be available in both black and silver to match your Gear S2.

In Germany, where this adapter is already on sale, it is priced at €27.50 (approx. $31). Samsung is yet to make it official, so we don’t know for sure when it will be available elsewhere, but we expect it to popup around the world soon.

Screenshot: SamMobile

Screenshot: SamMobile

Have you seen the Gear S2 band adapter where you live yet?