HTC 10’s Sense 8 to bring ‘Freestyle UI’ with sticker app shortcuts

The Freestyle UI in Sense 8. Screenshots: LlabTooFer

The Freestyle UI in Sense 8. Screenshots: LlabTooFer

The HTC 10’s Sense 8 user interface could be just as exciting as the device itself is shaping up to be.

According to new leaks, HTC has packed in a new “Freestyle UI” feature that gives users more control over their home screens, and allows pretty stickers to serve as app shortcuts.

Isn’t it annoying when you apply a pretty wallpaper to the background of your Android device, only to have it blocked out by app icons? Sure, you could move those icons out of the way, but then you have to dig around for them.

HTC’s Freestyle UI changes that by making app shortcuts part of the backdrop. You select a pretty wallpaper, get a bunch of stickers that match its look, and then tapping those stickers takes you to your favorite apps.

HTC also boasts that “Freestyle layouts let you place apps, widgets and stickers wherever you want.” Android launchers already allow this, so we can only assume HTC is doing away with the grid altogether, so that they’ll sit pretty much anywhere.

There’s likely a lot more to the Freestyle UI that we don’t know yet, which gives us even more to look forward to. HTC is expected to announce the 10 later this month.