Samsung’s smart trousers boast a Wi-Fly and get up alerts

What a glorious time to be alive! Photo: Samsung

What a glorious time to be alive! Photo: Samsung

Samsung’s taking the Internet of Things to the next level with its new Internet of Trousers lineup.

The South Korean company’s smart pants come with cutting-edge wearable technologies like Wi-Fly, get up alerts, and fridge lock, which prevents you from overeating when it detects your waist line is expanding.

The Internet of Trousers lineup comes in an array of unique and contemporary styles that look good on anyone, whether you’re in the gym for your evening workout, dressing up for an important meeting, or painting the garden fence.

And as you’d expect from innovative new technology, it delivers a whole bunch of exciting new features you’ve never seen before — such as the Wi-Fly with its intelligent ZipARTIK module, which sends notifications to your smartphone if left undone for more than three minutes.

Samsung’s smart pants also offer get up alerts. Using pressure sensors, they can detect periods of prolonged activity and remind you to “get up off of that thing” at least once every hour. And should you remain seated for more than three hours, mild electrical shocks will encourage you to move.

The super useful “Keep-Your-Pants-On” mode reminds you not to remove your trousers when the Bio-Processor detects and increase in heart rate and perspiration levels. And finally, there’s fridge lock, which sends signals to your fridge and prevents it from opening when the smart pants detect that the tension around your waist is getting too high.

“As with many other initiatives, Samsung will open up its Smarter Fashion ecosystem to other players as an open platform,” the company said. “Whether it be traditional apparel companies, top-notch designers or your grandmother knitting your next Christmas sweater, ARTIK fashion chip modules will be available for anyone and everyone.”

For more information, check out Samsung press release via the source link below. And yes, this is an early April Fools’ Day prank.