LG just fixed wireless charging’s biggest problem

Woo-hoo! Photo: LG

Woo-hoo! Photo: LG

Wireless charging is awesome, but in its current form, users must trade faster power for convenience when they use it. Future charging pads won’t have that problem, thanks to LG.

Using the company’s new wireless charging module, users can top up a typical smartphone from zero to 50 percent in just 30 minutes.

If you’ve used a smartphone with wireless charging, you’ll appreciate just how good it is. Sure, it’s slower than charging by cable, which means it’s no good if you need a quick top-up. But it’s much better in almost every other scenario.

That’s why manufacturers like Samsung are making wireless charging mainstream, and improving upon it every year. Thanks to a new chip from LG Innotek, a subsidy of LG, the technology won’t be so slow in next-generation charging pads.

Using a new 15-watt wireless charging transmitter — as opposed to the 5-watt transmitter used in most of today’s chargers — LG promises its new module can charge a typical smartphone from zero to 50 percent in just 30 minutes.

What’s most exciting is that the mobile is compatible will existing wireless charging standards — including Qi and PMA — and existing devices from a wide range of manufacturers. If you have a phone with wireless charging, then, there’s a good chance it’s supported.

LG is now working with other companies to bring its new technology to market, but it’s unclear at the moment when it will be available.