Google gives Chromecast platform a much better name

Chromecast is now Google Cast. Photo: Google

Chromecast is now Google Cast. Photo: Google

Google’s Chromecast platform has been given a brand new name: Google Cast.

The new name makes more sense given the platform’s ability to stream more than just Chrome tabs, but the Chromecast dongle lineup will retain the old moniker for now.

Google has updated its website to reflect the name change, and to make it clear that the platform now has a wide range of uses, from streaming movies and TV shows to your television from apps like Netflix and YouTube, to beaming music to your hi-fi from Spotify and Pandora.

The Google Cast website also helps shoppers find Cast-compatible speakers and TVs, such as the brand new Vizio P-Series, which boasts 4K Ultra HD panels with high dynamic range, and integrated 5.1 audio. Prices start at $1,299 for the 55-inch model, and rise to $3,799 for the 75-inch model.

You can add Cast compatibility to existing devices using one of Google’s Chromecast dongles, of course. For now, they will retain the Chomecast name, but it’s likely it will be dropped when Google rolls out its next refresh for these products.

The Chromecast apps for Android and iOS will be rebranded, and you’ll be able to download the new versions later this week.