Google drops Project Fi invites, offers Nexus 5X for under $200

Nexus 5X

Nexus 5X is $150 cheaper on Project Fi. Photo: Google

The price tag of Nexus 5X has been dropping like a lead balloon since the handset launched last fall, and it has finally reached the sub-$200 mark.

If you buy the device on Google’s own Project Fi network over the next month, it’ll cost you just $199. And to make it even more accessible, Google is dropping the Project Fi invites system.

Google says it has learned a lot about Project Fi over the last ten months, like its users love their data, with an average of 1.6GB used by each subscriber every month. They also like to travel, with 15 percent of Fi customers taking their device abroad.

Project Fi is also being used “everywhere from tablets to cars,” Google says, while its 24/7 support system ensures all callers a connected with a real support representative (not a robot) within 20 seconds or less 93 percent of the time.

The only problem is, Project Fi wasn’t available to all — you needed an invite to gain access. But not anymore.

“Today, we’re excited to be exiting our invitation-only mode and opening up Project Fi so that people across the U.S. can now sign up for service without having to wait in-line for an invite,” Google announced on the Android blog.

To encourage Android fans to sign up, the company is offering Nexus 5X for just $199 — the cheapest it has ever been — for the next month when you activate it on Project Fi. You can grab yours today from the Project Fi website.