New Coca-Cola packaging transforms into a VR headset

Cardboard magic. GIF: Cult of Mac

Cardboard magic. GIF: Cult of Mac

Still don’t have a virtual reality headset? Coca-Cola is here to help, with redesigned packaging that lets you make your very own VR wearable for almost any smartphone.

There are three different Coke packs that can be pulled apart when you’ve polished off all of the contents and folded up into a Google Cardboard-like headset. The pieces are pre-cut, so all you have to do is pop them out and piece them all together — as demonstrated in the video below.

It’s incredibly basic, and it might fall apart after a few uses, but it works — and it could be the most accessible way to try virtual reality content designed for smartphones before investing in something a little more advanced.

There’s just one rather large downside: According to The Next Web, this is just for experimental purposes for now, so you can’t actually get the packaging just yet. Hopefully Coke will change that very soon.