Sprint Galaxy Nexus Owners May Have To Wait On LTE

Sprint employee training material for the Galaxy Nexus leaked today suggesting the possibility of it launching before Sprint’s 4G LTE network. According to the training docs, the Sprint Galaxy Nexus will have 4G LTE switched off by default. It makes sense to have LTE switched off if you don’t yet have a network to support it, but it could also be to avoid having users in non-LTE markets (which will be many) from experiencing adverse battery drain — as the material suggests. The odds of you being in a Sprint LTE area once it launches is pretty slim anyways so I’m guessing Sprint customers probably won’t care about it being switched off.

The good news? The Sprint Galaxy Nexus will most likely be available soon — and it wouldn’t surprise me to see Sprint announce it at tomorrow’s NYC event. Sprint Galaxy Nexus users may not be enjoying LTE upon launch but at least they’ll have unlimited data and sanctified use of Google Wallet. What do you say Sprint users, which would you like to see first: LTE or the Samsung Galaxy Nexus?