Samsung to pounce on falling iPhone demand with cheaper Galaxy S7

Despite a larger screen, the S7 edge could be cheaper than its predecessor! Photo: Evan Blass

Despite a larger screen, the S7 edge could be cheaper than its predecessor. Photo: Evan Blass

Samsung hopes to reverse declining Galaxy sales and tackle the iPhone head-on by making its upcoming Galaxy S7 more affordable.

The leaked price list below claims the entry-level option with 32GB of storage will start at just €699.99 ($787) in Europe — a full €50 ($56) less than a 16GB iPhone 6s.

In recent years, Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S devices have been almost identical to the latest iPhone in price — at least at launch — while the edge variants command a premium of around $100. claims that will change this year.

In an effort to take advantage of falling iPhone demand, and to make the Galaxy S7 more appealing in general, Samsung is expected to reduce its entry-level price tag to €699.99 for all flat (not edge) devices with 32GB of storage.

If you want the Galaxy S7 edge — which is not only curvier, but also packs a larger 5.5-inch display (up from 5.1 inches) — then you’ll pay €799.99 for the 32GB model. In comparison, last year’s Galaxy S6 edge launched at €849.

Samsung is also expected to make these price tags even sweeter by throwing in a free Gear VR headset worth $99 for those who pre-order their Galaxy S7 before its March 11 launch.

It’s unlikely Samsung will need to rely on price cuts and freebies to sell the Galaxy S7 series; it is supposed to be even prettier than the Galaxy S6, with big internal improvements, including the latest Snapdragon 820 chip, a brand new camera, and a pressure-sensitive display.

However, more affordable prices will certainly help attract more buyers. We’ll have to wait until Samsung makes the Galaxy S7 official on February 21 before we read too much into this list, though.