Don’t install Marshmallow on your NVIDIA Shield tablet yet!

Avoid Marshmallow for now! Photo: NVIDIA

Avoid Marshmallow for now! Photo: NVIDIA

Received an update notification for the Android 6.0 Marshmallow on your NVIDIA Shield tablet? Don’t install it!

The update comes with a bug that plays havoc with Wi-Fi connectivity, leaving some users with no connection at all.

You shouldn’t be able to install the update now if you haven’t already, because NVIDIA has pulled it. But if somehow you do get the opportunity, you need to decline it for now.

“We have temporarily turned off the OTA update until we understand why a few users are losing WiFi connection after updating their tablet to OTA 4.0,” said an NVIDIA statement. The company also offers a few workarounds for those you have already updated:

-Reboot your tablet 2-3 times. If this fails, power cycle your tablet 3-4 times (not reboot but complete power off). If this does not work, charge your tablet to 100% and attempt again a couple of times or so.

-Factory reset your tablet. Make sure you backup any important files before you perform this step.

-A couple of users reporting their WiFI coming back after leaving their tablet powered off for a few hours. Try leaving your tablet powered off for a few hours and then turn the device back on.

Following these steps appears to be fixing the issue for most users, according to Android Central, so be sure to try them out if you’re having Wi-Fi issues. We’ll let you know when this update rolls out again without this issue.