Only crazy faces can stop Microsoft’s cruel new alarm app

Mimicker Alarm won't let you sleep in. Photo: Microsoft

Mimicker Alarm won’t let you sleep in. Photo: Microsoft

No one likes being told what to do first thing in the morning, but Microsoft’s new alarm app for Android doesn’t care. The only way to stop it once it starts going off is to pull silly faces or find random objects.

Mimicker Alarm is designed to help true sleepy heads get out of bed in the morning. By giving you things to do, it prevents you from turning your alarm off, rolling over, and going back to sleep only to wake up an hour later late for work.

Mimicker Alarm’s morning tasks include pulling faces with a particular emotion, finding objects of different colors, and repeating phrases, like “how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck would?”

You can choose with tasks it gives you each morning, so it won’t surprise you with a task that’s impossible to complete, and you’ll have 30 seconds to complete each one after dismissing your alarm. If you don’t complete it, the alarm will sound again.

It sounds like the most infuriating alarm app ever — and it probably is — but if you need more than just a loud beep to get you out of bed in the morning, maybe Mimicker Alarm can help. You can download it now from Google Play by following the link below.