Nexus 6P in gorgeous gold now available in the U.S.


Isn’t she pretty? Photo: Google

The Nexus 6P’s prettiest color option was exclusive to Japan at launch, but two months after the handset made its debut, buyers in the U.S. can now choose the matte gold color option in the Google Store.

This “Special Edition” paint job doesn’t make your Nexus 6 any better internally — you get exactly the same specifications under the hood — but if you’re into gold gadgets, it’s the one for you. What’s more, you don’t have to pay a penny extra for it.

Prices for the 32GB base model start at $499, while the 64GB option is priced at $549. Sadly, a 128GB option — which you can choose if you buy the other colors — isn’t available with the gold Nexus 6P just yet.

Order your gold Nexus 6P from the Google Store now by following the source link below.