Google Chrome can now reduce your data usage by up to 70%

Data Saver mode on Google Chrome. Photo: Google

Data Saver mode on Google Chrome. Photo: Google

Google is rolling out an improved Data Saver mode for Chrome on Android that streamlines your browsing for a snappier experience on slow connections. It also significantly reduces data usage by up to 70 percent, making it ideal for those with strict data allowances.

With Data Saver mode enabled, Chrome will automatically remove images from the webpages you visit when it detects that you have a slow data connection, making the page load a lot faster. It will also offer an override button that will allow you to load images if you’re happy to wait.

Users in India and Indonesia will be first to get the improved Data Saver mode in Chrome, but Google promises that the feature will rollout to more countries “in the coming months.” Once you have it, be sure to enable it from within the app’s Settings menu under the “Bandwidth” section.

Google hasn’t told us whether Chrome users on iOS can expect the same update, but the iOS version does have a Data Saver mode already, so we expect it to get the updated version at some point.