Google helping Samsung build a better TouchWiz

Is TouchWiz set for another overhaul? Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Android

Is TouchWiz set for another overhaul? Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Android

Google has teamed up with Samsung to help fix its TouchWiz software, according to a new report. The South Korean company has made significant improvements with its latest lineup of devices, but there’s still plenty of room for optimization.

TouchWiz isn’t quite the resource hog it once was, and it’s no longer packed full of pointless features nobody uses. Samsung also allows users to disable pre-installed apps they don’t want. But despite these changes, TouchWiz still has some issues — most of which affect performance.

Given how synonymous Galaxy devices are with the Android platform, thanks to Samsung’s success in the smartphone market, a poor TouchWiz experience reflects badly on Google. But now it seems the company is stepping in to put that right.

Samsung Viet reports that Google is working closely with Samsung to make fix TouchWiz’s problems. It not only wants to make it faster, but also more stable, with fewer bugs. This wouldn’t be the first time Google has had influence over Samsung’s software.

“Almost two years ago, Samsung introduced the new Magazine UX on the Galaxy Tab Pro lineup, but this new UX was soon given the boot, and word around the rumor mill was that Google wasn’t happy with the major interface change,” reports SamMobile.

Although many Android fans would like to see TouchWiz banished altogether, and for Samsung to adopt pure Android — perhaps with a few customizations for things like the S Pen — that’s highly unlikely. But a better TouchWiz is certainly a good middle-ground.