OnePlus 2 will be available without an invite for Black Friday

Invites are not necessary on Black Friday. Photo: OnePlus

Invites are not necessary on Black Friday. Photo: OnePlus

Still waiting for your OnePlus 2 invite? You won’t need one later this week, because the handset will be on general sale for only the second time since its official debut to celebrate Black Friday. Get your credit card ready!

The “2016 flagship killer” has been available for well over three months now, but it’s still difficult to get hold of one, with a long waiting list for invites. Fortunately for those still waiting, the invite system will be dropped temporarily this Friday.

Starting November 27 for four days only, you’ll be able to order the OnePlus 2 from the OnePlus online store just like you would order any other smartphone. OnePlus hasn’t confirmed how many units will be available yet — or how long you’ll to wait.

To make the deal even sweeter, OnePlus is also teasing holiday deals, which means the handset — and other OnePlus products — may be even cheaper for a short time.

The quicker you order your OnePlus 2, the faster you can expect to receive it, so be prepared when the general sale opens on Friday. Follow OnePlus on Twitter and keep an eye on its official forums for more information later this week.