Latest Android Distribution Chart Shows Ice Cream Sandwich Gaining Momentum

The latest distribution numbers are out and it appears Ice Cream Sandwich is gaining momentum. In a 14-day period ending on April 2, 2012, Android 4.0 appeared on 2.9% of devices accessing the Google Play Store. Yes, that’s still a pretty paltry number, but compared to last month’s data, it’s up 1.3%. That’s good news for an operating version that has been mostly stagnant since its release back in November of 2011. We’re finally starting to see OEM’s and carriers roll out the Android 4.0 update to their phones and this latest data is reflective of that.

Other than the Android 4.0 increase, Honeycomb remains frozen at 3.3% and should only decrease from here on out. Gingerbread was the only other version to see a major increase with a 1.7% jump and remains the dominant Android version with a total of 63.7% of devices running it. After that, Froyo saw a 2.2% decrease; Eclair a .6% decrease; and an OMGWTF .1% increase for both Donut and Cupcake!

We should continue to see Android 4.0 numbers increase as the updates continue rolling. If you’re not on Android 4.0 just yet, hopefully you will be soon.